How to Activate your UCSB NetID

Your UCSB NetID enables access to campus services. Here we explain what a UCSB NetID is and how to get a UCSB NetID.

What is a UCSB NetID? 

The UCSB NetID is the username used to sign-in to services and applications available to the UCSB community.

UCSB NetID Activation

In order to activate your UCSB NetID, visit the Identity Manager.

Faculty and Staff

Select “Faculty and Staff Member” from the list.

Enter the information requested, which will be your last name, date of birth, your employee ID, and the last for digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). If you do not have a SSN, please enter four zeros. Below is an example of what the form looks like. If you do not know your employee ID, contact your Academic Personnel staff member.

Screenshot of the UCSB Identity Manager form with the Faculty or Staff Member section expanded.

Once you complete the process, your UCSB NetID will be activated and you should now have access to a UCSB email and other services. For a short systems guide visit our Systems Guide for New Faculty and Lecturers page.