Supplies and Support

Office Supplies

General office supplies are located in HSSB 4001A. Please see the front desk with any questions or requests for office supplies.


If a departmental networked printer is out or nearly out of toner, let us know and it will be replaced or ordered. This includes labs, the main HASC office, and mailrooms. Please notify the front desk in HSSB 4001. If this is for a personal office printer, keep in mind, we will only order one (1) toner cartridge a year per faculty, which will be charged to faculty member’s home department. 

After this, the faculty are responsible for the cost of their own supplies. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please speak to our Program Assistant. 

Media Equipment Requests

All inquiries for media equipment loans, including testing laptops, projection equipment, and the cable adapters often required for these purposes can be directed to our Technical Support Specialist. Note: Media Equipment is only available to HASC supported departments.

Policy Statement:

HASC has limited media resources, but many users. For this reason, equipment will be loaned out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, equipment can only be signed out for your class/event time and must be returned directly after class/event. If your class/event ends after the office is closed, it will be your responsibility to return borrowed equipment when the office opens in the morning.

Language courses will be given priority for media equipment.

Additional media equipment is available through Kerr Hall Media Services (1160 Kerr Hall, x3549 – Please note: The cluster will not pay media fees.

Web Requests & Technical Support

Departmental website requests and concerns, as well as questions about computer issues can be directed to the resident I.T. staff via email at

Please include as much pertinent information as possible (e.g., computer make/model/operating system, affected location(s), etc).

Classroom Support

Collaborate is directly responsible for the management and operations of the Collaborate Common Rooms in HSSB: 4080, 4065, 4041, 4020, 3041, 3030, 3001E, 2252.

All other classrooms are serviced by Instructional Development’s Classroom Services (1160 Kerr Hall, x3549 – Access to the computers and projection equipment must be coordinated through Classroom Services.