Room Reservations

Room Reservations


Room scheduling priority and preference is given to courses and seminars --particularly, to the classes of the residing departments. Once school starts, it will be "first come, first serve." This means if you need a room-change you may not get a room housed in your department, rather you will get what is available.

Collaborate vs. Classroom Services Rooms

Collaborate is directly responsible for the management and operations of the Collaborate Common Rooms in HSSB: 4080, 4065, 4041, 4020, 3041, 3030, 3001E, 2252. Collaborate technicians can be reached immediately during the posted support hours by pressing the "Help Desk" button on the media podium in each classroom.

All other classrooms are serviced by Instructional Development's Classroom Services (1160 Kerr Hall, x3549 - Access to the computers and projection equipment must be coordinated through Classroom Services.

Submit Room Request

Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Department
  • Event Type
  • Room Preference
  • Date of Event
  • Start and End Time
  • Room capacity needed
  • Media and equipment needs (if any)

For HASC one-time room reservations please email the following staff members:

For Classics requests, please email Anna Roberts -
and copy Jill Title -

For East Asian and Cultural Studies requests, please email Alyson Alexander –
and copy Jill Title -

For History requests, please email Corey
and copy Jill Title -

For Religious Studies requests, please email
and copy Jill Title -